VA Hapkido

We have moved!

We have recently moved to a new location. Please come by and visit us at 310 Court Street, Danville, VA 24541. Click here to view photos of the new facility.

Virginia Hapkido
Virginia Hapkido practices Mu Gong Kwan, a traditional Korean martial art that includes the necessary elements required to develop ones whole self. It is a martial art and not a sport, the focus is on developing one’s own abilities. Traditional Hapkido is a complete self defense system that has been evolving for over 1500 years. Virginia Hapkido continues along that path by training and practicing to improve our mind body and spirit. It is not an easy and fast journey! It is a slow and patient effort to improve your skills and better your life. It takes commitment and a serious approach to your training; and the reward is a great gift. Come visit us to see what Mu Gong Kwan stand for and how it is a unique martial art. Learn more about us, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hapkido
We have had a lot of questions asked lately about Hapkido and how it works and the benefits of taking a class. So we got together a page of frequently asked questions, click here to access the page. If you have any additional questions that you did not see please feel free to contact us at 434.429.3088 or email

International Hapkido Federation 2010 HKD Games
Click here to veiw photos that were taken from the 8th Triennial World H.K.D. Championship 2010 International Games.