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Nutrition with Anastasia Ensminger

VA Hapkido has their own nutritionist Anastasia Ensminger. Below we have a introdution to what Anastasia can offer. Please contact us or Anastasia if you have any questions about nutrition.

Hello and welcome! My name is Anastasia Ensminger, I am a dietetic student nearing graduation, I have learned a wealth of information and have practiced dietetics in a variety of settings. While I can't legally use the term dietitian or nutritionist until I graduate in December, I still have completed all of my classes and internship so I am fully educated. Also, the opportunity to answer some health condition-related questions will help keep me fresh in clinical nutrition, as I have recently taken a part time nutrition consulting position for Danville Public Schools Child Nutrition Dept. As a future dietitian, I have become increasingly aware of how much misinformation people receive related to health and nutrition. I also realize that there is a huge need for evidence based nutrition information in this country and we need to shift our focus to preventative medicine by educating young and old alike on making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Please feel free to contact me with any nutrition related topics/issues you would like to learn more about or see on my website. Also, since content is not regularly changed, please email me if you would like on a mailing list to be notified when the website content has been updated.

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